Dr. Benjamin in the News

Local Dentist First to Receive Advanced Proficiency Certificate in Esthetic Dentistry

Dreading the dentist is a thought shared in everyone's mind. But what if after every procedure it looked and felt like you had brand new teeth? For Dr. Gerald Benjamin, a dentist living in Loudonville, NY, this is the standard, not the exception. In his practice in esthetic dentistry, he performs necessary procedures with a twist. Part of every good procedure is finishing it in the most cosmetic way possible, which means leaving no silver fillings or visible dental work.

Dr. Benjamin is a pioneer in this field and the first to graduate and receive the Advanced Proficiency Certificate in Esthetic Dentistry from the School of Dental Medicine at the State University on New York at Buffalo. SUNY Buffalo is the only school of this discipline in the country. Before 1998, there was no formal training in this field, and until recently there has been no way to make an appointment with a certified esthetic dentist. With Dr. Benjamin?s expertise and devotion, a new avenue has opened which will forever change the idea behind the dentist. With over 500 hours of training over a two-year period, and special lectures by leading experts, the school provides the latest in dental technology for the most motivated and talented dentists.

For a dentist like Dr. Benjamin, a man who is passionate about teeth and wants to be on the cutting edge of dentistry, the international program in esthetic dentistry provides this opportunity. As the first and only program in this field, only the most enthusiastic dentists seek out and accomplish this difficult task in order to perfect their skills.

With the new technology, a complete smile can be enhanced and/or restored in less than two weeks. According to Dr. Benjamin, ?in order to provide the same level of service as those who provide cosmetic dental work for celebrities and movie stars- you really need to have specific training in cosmetics and the right equipment to do the job right.? With this program completed, Dr. Benjamin can offer a unique service to customers who travel to Cropseyville, New York, where he has his practice. A service this advanced and progressive seems like it would only be available in a large city. However, Dr. Benjamin's goal is not to be lost amongst the rushed life of a city, but to bring the newest technology and highest quality treatment to rural New York. Thanks to Dr. Benjamin, a city doctor in a small town, there is a little bit of Hollywood in the community of Cropseyville, New York.

Mike Kinney, 2002.