Dr. Benjamin has been teaching dental students, post-doctoral graduate dentists, and practicing dentists for many years. He teaches dentists the full spectrum of restorative dentistry from placing high level direct bonding white resins in any area of the mouth to comprehensive dental treatment.

Dr. Benjamin studies with the best dentists in the world including:

  • Dr. Frank Spear of the Seattle Institute of Advanced Dental Studies
  • Dr. Newton Fahl of Brazil with the Center for Esthetic Excellence in Chicago
  • Dr. David Baird of Bellevue, Washington
  • Dr. Paul Belevedere of Minnesota, Dr. Ronald Jackson , Middleburg, VA
  • Dr. Fred McIntyre of Buffalo,NY
  • Dr. Jeff Morley of San Francisco, CA
  • Dr. Glen Gittelson ,Long Island, NY
  • Carl Misch of Birmingham, Michigan.

Dr. Benjamin's most recent seminar covered the following treatment:

  • Diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Occlusal equilibration
  • Preparation, temporization, bonding and customization of 8 porcelain veneers on a live patient.
  • The photos of the case received widespread national acclaim for quality and beauty.