Here's what our patients have to say about our work:

  • Allison

    Wedding "I can not reiterate how beautiful and wonderful my wedding was. it was the wedding of my dreams - AND EVEN MORE. It is so rare a moment can exceed ones dreams - but this one did. Our family looked so beautiful. I've been writing in my wedding journal, and one thing I keep thinking about is the smile on our families faces. We had the best time. Amy - I loved her hair/make-up she looked gorgeous. Mom looked so beatiful and elegant. And dad - you looked so handsome. And that SMILE. I can not thank Jerry enough for that wonderful smile that I keep thinking about."
  • Holly

    Before and After Dear Dr. Benjamin - Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for giving me the smile that is beyond what I could have dreamed belonging to me! Since I was a young adult we had discussed that I would eventually need veneers because of the damage I had done to my teeth as a result of my constant grinding, and for years I always just thought my teeth were "fine". You told me we could do better than just "fine". It was your intense desire to give me a smile that was perfect for me - not just the same set of teeth you gave you last patient - that brought me all the way from Spokane, WA to have you work on my case. You gave me and my teeth your undivided attention, hand formed my temporary teeth so that I could really see what I would look like in the end, and wouldn't let me leave your office until I had a flawless smile. When I came home, my friends and family (who did not know I was having veneers done) could only tell me that I looked great, but could not tell me exactly why. That, I will say, is the ultimate compliment. You are not only an incredible dentist, but you are truly an artist as well.

    With overwhelming gratitude,


  • Maureen

    Dr. Benjamin - To an outstanding man that is not recognized enough for the incredible skill, workmanship, and exceptional dentistry he performs. I came to you with a dream. A dream that I have had since age 5 when I had massive injury to my teeth and my mouth due to a car accident. I spent most of my teenage days sitting in a dentist chair to try to get my teeth back to somewhat of a presentable condition. While others my age were enjoying with friends, there I sat, never happy with the final result. By age 16 I had several surgeries and five lower caps. People dream of exotic places, fame and fortune. I was dreaming of having a smile. At age 43 I needed to make that dream come true. I did hours and hours of research. There are so many dentists out there that proclaim to be a cosmetic dentist, and advertise as such, however none of them had the education, credentials, and hours of study that you did. I even visited most of the local dentists proclaiming the outstanding excellent work they do, feeling like a number and a face on a screen, I made an appointment with you. A little country office with family friendly staff. The moment I walked into the office I felt welcome, warm and cared for. I looked at the numerous plaques on the walls, confirming what I had know all along. (Highly Credentialed Dentist) Why go to anyone else, when the best is hidden in the country, but very real. You made me comfortable right from the start, and you assured me that you could fulfill my dream.

    "People ask me 'why are you smiling?' I tell them, Dr. Benjamin" - Margie
    A Simple Smile.

    I quickly learned that this was not a job for you, but a hobby in which you took great pride in. You actually enjoy what you do, and didn't stop until you were completely satisfied with the outcome. I cannot express just how grateful I am. You gave me the dream that started at age 5. Now at 43, my life begins. Thank you to a magnificent dentist with an incredible compassion for his work, and his patients. All the hours of research I did to find you truly paid off. There is no one out there that will ever compare or even come close to the outstanding dentist you are.

    Forever Grateful.


  • Julie

    "Words cannot even begin to express the appreciation that I feel for each and every one of you. Your warmth, professionalism, and genuine concern for me was apparent each time I came to your office.

    "I remember my first visit to the office over two years ago and seeing all of the before after pictures of your patients. I hoped that my teeth would end up looking as beautiful as all of your patients, and the truth is that I think they came out even better. They are so incredible that every time I look in the mirror I still can't believe they are mine!

    "Your goal of absolute perfection enabled me to end with straighter teeth than I had before my accident! I will be forever grateful for the wonderful job that you did, and although my accident was a very unfortunate experience, it gave me the opportunity to meet all of you. For that I am truly blessed."

  • Mike

    "I finally got a free moment and wanted to write you a Thank You note. I can't thank you enough for all of the work which you did on my teeth this past summer! The veneers are great and look 100% natural! Better than I ever thought my teeth could look. You made my smile better than it ever was! I'm now getting almost daily compliments from total strangers on my 'Perfect Smile'! You are definitely one of the best Cosmetic Dentists in the world! Your attention to detail and getting the desired results is amazing! I would also like to compliment your staff, because they also did a great job!"

  • Carol

    "Just a note to thank you, not only for being the best-ever Dentist, but also for being such a fine person.

    "Your sensitivity to the needs of your patients goes above and beyond dentistry. It's great to know someone who can see the "whole" picture!"

  • Kathy

    "Dear Dr. Benjamin and Tricia - "Thank you both so very much for the time and passion you put into bonding my teeth. What a difference! It's amazing how differently one feels after the work is complete. it was a great job done and will go on. Here's to a great smile!"

  • Betty

    "I am thrilled at the outcome of my teeth. I love smiling to show off your spectacular work. My teeth look remarkably natural that noone knows any dental work was done unless I tell them. That natural look has been achieved because you are committted to providing the best work possible in cosmetic dentistry."

    "You have given me a gift, a beautiful smile, and that smile is something I always wanted."

  • Rick

    "Dear Dr. Benjamin and Tricia - "Thank you both so very much for the time and passion you put into bonding my teeth. What a difference! It's amazing how differently one feels after the work is complete. it was a great job done and will go on. Here's to a great smile!"

  • Vicky

    "I would like to thank you and your staff for your professionallism and your kindness. I also found you guys quite humorous. You have made going to the dentist a pleasurable experience for me.

    "Not only do you fix smiles, you make people smile."

  • Tracy

    "How can I thank you, but to say -- although I live 55 miles away, and drove in some tricky Winter conditions, I would have made a trek around the world to be your patient and get teeth like these. I hope the word gets out across the globe, and I believe it is, just what a 'maestro of the smile' you are!"
  • Laska

    "I can't thank you enough for all the 'beautiful' work you have done on my teeth. I love them!!!!... I have had many remarks on how beautiful my teeth are...... (Thanks to you)... Can you believe this -- I really am anxious to get the rest of my teeth done, but that will have to wait till I get the implants finished...sometime in January or February.....sooner the better..."
  • Susan

    "Those teeth do not even look like a dentist was there. Honestly don't get a big head, but that looks like God's work. Absolutely beautiful!!"